About Us



The Crystal Cuff brand was created in London in 2016. Designed with materials of the finest quality, I aim to establish an affordable link between High Street and High Fashion. This statement accessory will add edge to your look; and, whether at home or away, your cuff will effortlessly transition from desk to dance floor; or from beach to bar.


“You can find inspiration in everything” (Paul Smith)

As an itinerant traveller around South America for many years, I learned how to pare down my wardrobe. Boho-chic became my style out of necessity. Flip flops and sarongs were my fail safe favourites. And a leather cuff, that I bought down the Kings Road in the 70s, was never off my wrist.    It has been lovingly worn with a multitude of looks, and over time it has acquired a character of its own. As such, it has managed to withstand the fickleness of fashion and remains a successful staple to this day. If cuffs could talk this one would have many stories to tell………!


Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” (Coco Chanel)

As this vintage cuff has endured much and been admired by many over the decades, I decided that I would create a replacement. This has led me on a fascinating journey of discovery. I am learning about the history of our once thriving manufacturing and leather industries. They were meeting the demands of a flourishing fashion revolution. My cuff tells the tale of another era, when London was at the centre of a vibrant counterculture; where mods, skinheads, punks and rockers roamed the streets clad in leathers and cuffs.

Creativity and Character

“Fashions fade, style is eternal” (Yves Saint Laurent)

Due the closure of many of the small East End manufacturers that used to service the fashion industry of that time, it has not been easy to remain faithful to the 70s design. I have therefore adapted the original to reflect the trends of today’s modern Britain, by replacing studs and spikes with Swarovski crystals.   The leather no longer comes from London but from Italy and the crystals come from Austria.   But the spirit of the cuff remains the same. The subversive spikes have merely been replaced with subversive bling!

Giving Back

Crystal Cuffs will donate a portion of each sale to BLISS – a charity for premature and sick babies.